Claudio Nardi

Founding Principal

An in depth vision of the ideas and projects of Claudio Nardi, explored through an extended interview and short tales about the genesis of various projects presented.
The architect tells of his beginnings as an interior designer, of the direct and profound collaboration with artisans, of his working with Carlo Scarpa, of his passion of mutating architecture.
There follows a selection of works: from projects for the fashion world, to museums, from minimal space of the intimate and domestic to large scale architecture, everything encased by graphic design, photography and sketches.
Claudio Nardi is an architect of Doubles, as he defines himself – I love looking at the world “from a distance and close up”, conjugating visions and details together, simplicity and complexity, local and global, traditional and contemporary, emotional and rational.
A voyage of imagery that, leaving from the love of Mediterranean culture and Italian Rationalism, takes us to discover his works in Italy and around the world which have many different facets, almost refractive, in an indispensable and continued search of beauty.

La bellezza è necessariaè necessario ricominciare a recuperare il senso dei luoghi,prima della loro integrità edilizia.Prima dei tecnici servono i poeti,tutti dobbiamo diventare poeti del nostro quotidiano.


iida – Italy International Design Award -Milan-2020 _Character Award_Top 10 Designer, category: Most International Influential Famous Designer Award, Milano (Italia), Mocak – Museum of Contemporary Art Krakow.

iida – Italy International Design Award -Milan-2020 _Professional Award_Gold Award, category: Commercial Display Design, Milano (Italia), Mocak – Museum of Contemporary Art Krakow.

IDG  – International Space Design Awards – Golden-Creativity Award, Pechino (Cina), 8° Edition, 2020_ Mocak – Museum of Contemporary Art Krakow.

Platinum Drill, Prize for Public Building, Warsaw (Poland), 2013 Edition _ Mocak – Museum of Contemporary Art Krakow.

2013 Mies van der Rohe Award-Nomination, Barcelona, 2013 Edition _ Mocak – Museum of Contemporary Art Krakow.

Idea – Tops, International Space Design Award, Shenzen (China), 2012 Edition_Mocak – Museum of Contemporary Art Krakow.

European Price of Architecture Philippe Rotthier, Brussels, (Belgium), 2011 Edition_Mocak – Museum of Contemporary Art Krakow.

International Biennal “Barbara Capocchin” Prize for Architecture, Padova, (Italia), 2011 Edition_Mocak – Museum of Contemporary Art Krakow-

Internation Prize Dedalo Minosse to the Client in Architecture, Vicenza (Italia), 2011 Edition_Mocak – Museum of Contemporary Art Krakow.

Wallpaper International Awards, First place Best New Hotel, Firenze (Italia), 2008 Edition_Riva Lofts Hotel.

Hotel & Lodge prize 2008, Awarded Hotel contest, Firenze (Italia), 2008 Edition_Riva Lofts Hotel

D&D Awards, Best Kitchen System, London, 2004_Bianca Kitchen.

Architectural Prize “Città di Oderzo“, Oderzo, Italia, 2001 Edition_ Five Villas in Lignano Sabbiadoro.

V Biennal Exhibition of Architecture, Marcello D’olivo Award, Pordenone, Italia, 1999 Edition_Five Villas in Lignano Sabbiadoro.



New Urban Center and Exhibition Center, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria 2018 – First Place.

Fredry Publishing House, Warsaw, Poland, 2017 – Competition, Second Place.

Czartoryski Museum Interiors, Krakow, Poland, 2017 – Competition, Second Place.

Fabrika, Krakow, 2014 – Competition upon invitation.

Mu.Ca Museum of Shipbuilding, former Hotel Workers – Monfalcone, Italy, 2012 – Competition, First Place

Public Service Hall Competition – Chiatura, Georgia, 2012 – Competition upon invitation.

Milad Complex Competition – Teheran, Iran, 2011 – Competition upon invitation.

New Town Hall – Krakow, Poland, 2008 – Competition, First Place.

Mocak, Musum of Contemporary Art, former Oscar Schindler’s Factory – Krakow, Poland, 2007 – Competition, First Place.

Absolut design ideas competition – Mississauga, Canada, 2006 – Competition upon invitation.

Port Autority, Marina di Carrara – Marina di Carrara, Italy, 2006 – Competition, First Place.

Ideas competition for the redevelopment of the ex “SAICA” – Porto di Alghero, Sassari, Italy – 2005 – Third Place.

Competition for the redevelopment of the historic center of Campi Bisenzio – Florence, Italy, 2005 – First Place.

Competition for the redevelopment of Piazza Matteotti and underground parking – Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, Florence, Italy, 2004 – First Place.

Competition for the redevelopment and expansion of the professional institute for hotel services – Tortolì, Nuoro, Italy – 2004 – Second Place.

International ideas competition of the Waterfront Lignano Sabbiadoro – Lignano Sabbiadoro, Udine, Italy – 2002 – First Place.

Covered Grand-Stand, Sporting Club – Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. – 2001 – Competition upon invitation.

Consiag New Headquarters – Prato, Italy, 1999 – First Place, Second Stage.



Episodes of Architecture, between visions and project, Academy of Arts and Design, Florence, 2019.

II° Biennale of Architecture of Pisa, LabQ – Cities and Water: a laboratory towards the future, Pisa, 2017.

LabQ, Rome, 2016

Architecture Biennale, Krakow, Poland, 2015

I° Architecture Biennale of Pisa, LabQ – Laboratory for urban quality, Pisa, 2015

Claudio Nardi Architects – MultipliCity of Beauty, Pisa, 2014

Claudio NArdi, Architecture for Sensitive Lives, Convention and Exhibition Center, Shenzen, China, 2013

Italiand do it better, #3, Milan, 2011

Claudio Nardi, Architecture for sensitive lives, Mocak, Krakow, Poland, 2010.

50 New Italian architecture: two generation compared, Graz, Prague and New York, 2002.

Architectural experiences – Building in the built – transformation architecture. Italian Institute of Design , Perugia, 2001.

Furnishing the Cituy – Meetings on public space, Lucca, 2001.

Architecture Award City of Oderzo, Oderzo – Treviso, 2001.

Border architectures – Recent experiences in the regions of Alpe Adria, Udine, 2000.

Furnishing the city – Meetings on urban design, Lucca, 1999.

5° Biennal Architecture Exhibition, Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, 1999.

Bioclimatic architecture, SIAE Bologna, 1998.

Drawing in architecture, Casa di Dante, FLorece, 1997.



2014 Acadedmic Correspondent for the Academy of Drawing Arts, Florence.

2010-2013 Founding Member of EX3, Centre for the Contemporary Art in Florence.

2008 Licence to practive ar Order of Architects in Poland.

2005-2006 Teching at the Kent State University in Florence.

2002-2005 and 2006-2008 Teaching at the Department of Architecture in Florence.

18.05.1979 License to practice at Order of Architects in Florence.

1979 Foundation of the Studio “Claudio Nardi Architetto”.

1978 Master’s Degree at the Department of Architecture in Florence.

1973-1977 Interior Design consultant at Design Centre, Florence

1973-1974 Collaboration with Carlo Scarpa to the planning of the International Design, Florence.

1971 Interior Design consultant at Design Centre, Florence.

1970 Interior Design consultant for Poltronova, Florence.


Principal partners of Archsia


Archsia is a multinational design consortium of Italian, Canadian and Chinese designers and artists, registered in Shanghai, China. The core members of Archsia have a wealth of experience in international projects in the fields of architecture, interior and art deco design, as well as multicultural backgrounds and cutting-edge creative concepts.