Overlooking lake of Chiusi

Private house

Umbria, Italy

The project “overlooking lake of Chiusi” is a construction of a private residence in the Umbrian countryside near the lake of Chiusi.Creating a new settlement with a contemporary yet traditional feel, smoothly integrating into a magical, sensitive, and fragile territory in its relationship with existing structures and innovations was no easy task. Moreover, the mechanism prescribed by the regulations allowed for transferring and merging volumes from other areas, but they had to constitute a unified and monolithic entity. Given the considerable buildable area, this carried the risk of a large, solid, and deafening volume—an obstructive presence in a balanced landscape with breathtaking viewpoints.

We chose to create a unique organism where all spaces are interconnected, forming a unified and functional unit, but externally presenting itself as a series of small, articulated volumes connected through subterranean surfaces camouflaged by greenery and roofscapes, in a slightly altered topographical layout.
The architectural choice described sparked discussions and numerous meetings with municipal offices as the project’s approach did not align with conventional choices based on local regulations, both in terms of distribution and design.

modello tridimensionale in legno che rappresenta il progetto
Residenza Lago di Chiusi Claudio Nardi
Residenza Lago di Chiusi Claudio Nardi

The building commission carefully examined our proposal, evaluating its deviation from the expected regulatory path but also its harmonious approach to the context, theme, and especially the surrounding environment, ultimately embracing it with enthusiasm.The commission recognized the positive contribution to environmental integration and the creation of a contemporary settlement that uniquely and harmoniously melds with the surrounding landscape. Moreover, the project’s design allowed for the maintenance of limited heights, modulation of elevations and positions of various rooms in harmony with the hill, and the framing of each small functional subunit (living area, sleeping area, study area), offering a different and always magical portion of the view towards Lake Chiusi.

The small and distinct volumes that make up the complex overlook the valley and an inner, bright, and intimate courtyard, allowing allowing natural air and light circulation, creating openings and, at the same time, intimate outdoor spaces in relation to the surroundings.
The roofs now feature asymmetric and somewhat unusual slopes, yet gentle and delicate, partly due to terracotta plaster treatment in a light earthy tonet hat also covers all vertical walls. A material that will naturally change over time, further emphasizing its connection to the land. The form and orientation of the slopes maximize protection and insulation towards the north.

disegno a volo di uccello che rappresenta l'ingresso dell'abitazione
disegno a matita villa moderna con piscina in campagna
Residenza Lago di Chiusi https://www.claudionardi.it/residenza-sguardo-sul-lago-di-chiusi/
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