Overlooking lake of Chiusi

Private house

Umbria, ITALIY - work in progress

The basic design idea is aimed at the creation of a small agglomeration of distinct volumes, instead of a single massive building in order to facilitate the respectful insertion in the landscape and to allow a natural circulation of light and air.
The small volumes that make up the complex. The volumes overlook, as well as towards the valley, on a bright inner courtyard, at the same time intimate, protected on three sides, but also open in the main south/south-west over the surrounding landscape towards the lake of Chiusi.

The asymmetrical slopes of the roofs of the two small upstream buildings maximise protection and insulation towards the north, while at the same time creating volumes with a gentle, delicate appearance. The building with the flat roof, on the other hand, extends towards the valley, ending with a completely glazed solar greenhouse; this will also make it possible to limit any visual obstacles from all parts of the house.
The three volumes are connected by a central body containing additional functional spaces and characterised by a green roof that connects to the hill, creating continuity with the surrounding landscape and limiting the overall impact of the intervention.

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