24th SEPTEMBER 2019Palco Area Talk, Piazza VerdiBOLOGNA


Claudio Nardi presents Mediterranean Perspective

As part of Bologna Design Week, the architect Claudio Nardi intervenes on the “design perspective” that represents the philosophy of every work, the heart and the dress of each piece of architecture.
This design approach, dealt with in the recently published monograph Mediterranean Perspective (Design Media Publishing, pages 288, July 2019) highlights the continuous shift in scale typical of Mediterranean culture – from detail to landscape – and holds together the work of the craftsman with the industrial one and highly technological.
On the theme of doubles is triggered the reflection of the Florentine architect, who, interviewed by the journalist Sandra Salvato, will also talk about how beauty must once again become an objective and guide the hand of every architect who cares about the landscape, from the urban one to the natural one.

Palco Area TalkPiazza VerdiBologna

all’Orto n., Piazza S. Paolo All’Orto, 20,                     56126 Pisa PI