Luisa Via Roma 1984

concept store

Florence, ITALY - 1984


In the ‘800 construction the facade had, as a décor, the unyfing role between old and new types of the city. Nowadays it is usual to limitate the statements of the empty spaces delimited by the shop windows of the building with furnishings that yet, sometimes, manage to result violently invasive. That’s an interpretation of the architectural intervetion theme inside the historical city. Edyfing, a new store front within an existing ‘800 facade by pulling back the pre-extisting, we created a new one, parallel, but removed-separated by the play of shadows 100 years later than the pre-existing face. A unique event of contemporary language. A new building, or better, a side of the new virtual edifice which runs inside and behind the solid, static, reassuring image of the old town.

It’s like a Chinese puzzle, the prompt of a new building town which firmly hidden and protected by the old outer walls (still the only survivors of an almost full evisceration) it is now revealed, framed and made less concealed by the same. Inside we’ve reproposed the loggia faces with commercial shops and boutiques, a covered open market is preserved underlining a continous urban itinerary. Indeed from the street we are quite naturally brought inside, the street itself, with it squares, stop, landmarks, a natural light coming through the skylight, one of the architectural elements that combined with the staircase, the facade, the planimetric study, overcome the furniture and follow a space destined to free itself as much as possible from decorations or at least to hold in time all inside without any dissonance.

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