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ZhejiangSci-TechUniversityFashion Institute


Zhejiang, CHINA - 2017
with:N3Group LtdCspe Srl.
conceptual scheme of connection

The concept is based on the creation of the landscape as the origin of the project. This is the strong idea of the whole University Campus project, based on the creation of a park as the foundation for the whole complex; in other words, the landscape as the starting point, the creation of a new natural landscape, designed with the fundamental elements of the area: water (river, ponds, canals), slightly undulating terrain, native trees.
The complex is built around large courtyards and large tree-lined squares, which will become the centre of socialisation and open-air activities for the students.

The new landscape is conceived as a cloak protecting and designing the large areas located on the ground floor and intended for a variety of activities.
An equipped plate contains the system of pedestrian paths (some of which are mechanised with treadmills) connecting the various functions.
The buildings rest lightly, almost suspended in the new landscape, like large trees with open foliage, and are connected by pedestrian bridges at various levels.
All the buildings, thanks to their shape, enjoy multidirectional and very open views, both towards the surrounding environment and towards the large internal areas between one building and another, which look like portions of a park with a soft and natural shape.


1 – BUILDINGS Uplifted pedestrian connections
2 – PLATEAU Pedestrian and cycling paths P1
3 – BASEMENT Pedestrian and vehicle paths P0
4 – UNDERGROUND Access and connections P-1

Buildings that rest lightly, almost suspended on the new landscape, like large trees

masterplan of zhenjiang university
model view of buildings on the water
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ZhejiangSci-TechUniversityFashion Institute

The concept originated from our interpretation of the landscape, and from there, was the basin for the entire project. This is the strong idea of the entire University Campus design…

Claudio Nardi Architects with N3Group Ltd and Cspe Srl.
Video credits: Raffaele Cafarelli and Luca Massini