24 - 25 MAY 2019Gipsoteca di Arte Antica - Piazza San Paolo all'OrtoPISA

Tuscanyness, Lectures + Masterclass

Claudio Nardi speech during the event named "Tuscanyness".An exhibition coordinated by 120g

Tuscanyness, Lectures + Masterclass is an event organized by 120g, with the collaboration of the University of Pisa – DESTEC, under the patronage of the Order of Architects of Pisa.

The edition of Tuscanyness is back in the Arte Antica di Pisa Gipsoteca; a two-day discovery of being architects.
The Lecture of May 24, divided into thematic panels, together with the workshop of May 25, focus on three key themes of architecture: Place, Craftsmanship and History. The educational goal is to stimulate reflection and discussion on the subject concerning the professional and his interface with his own cultural roots, his own time and values, in the planning that has characterized his life. Fabrizio Rossi Prodi, Massimo Alvisi, Pietro Carlo Pellegrini, Paolo Bertoncini Sabatini, Claudio Nardi and Carlo Terpolilli will be present.

Gipsoteca di Arte Antica

all’Orto n., Piazza S. Paolo All’Orto, 20,                     56126 Pisa PI