Studio of artist Felice Limosani

art studio

Florence, ITALIY - 2019

The vocabulary of possible languages for interpreting and giving a soul to a place must be able to dialogue with its function and must necessarily be vast and multifaceted. Among the possible languages, extreme abstraction seemed to us to be the most appropriate and promising to design a space dedicated to Felice’s continuous artistic creation, to imagining stories and narratives, often sewn and nourished by the immaterial.

And so the spaces become ethereal, the clear, recurring lines a pretext for dialoguing with light and shadows, for giving diaphanous evidence to the transparencies of crystal or mathematical evidence to the few other solid materials, wood, stone, steel.
An open, rarefied container of activity, free and available to all possible and continuous reinterpretations, as befits a container for Art in continuous evolution. Large communicating spaces with different functions, the video gallery, the digital archives, the living room, the studio and the artist’s room.

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