Studio of artist Felice Limosani

art studio

Florence, ITALY - 2019

The project involved the restyling of an apartment in a dynamic and enveloping studio. The user design language is that of the extreme abstraction representation of art and the artist. The space is inspired by Felice’s path of continuous artistic creation, by imagining stories, narratives, often sewn and fed by the immaterial. And therefore the spaces become ethereal, the clear and recurring lines a pretext to dialogue with light and shadows

to highlight the transparency of the crystal or to give mathematical evidence to the few other solid materials, wood, stone, steel.
A container of activity open, rarefied, free and available to all possible and continuous reinterpretations. As befits a container for art in continuous evolution. Large communicating rooms with different functions, the video gallery, digital archives, the living room, the studio and the artist’s room.

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