Florence, ITALY - 2006

This design is characterized by the idea of “dualism”: white and black, transparent lightness and material weight, innovation and traditional technique, all of these to create a theatrical and imposing space.
The laboratory and the showroom, though closely connected, have two separate entrances, each of them on two different sides of the building.
The laboratory is conceived as a work space with an industrial look and an overview on the street; the original brick masonry and the plaster on walls are distinguished by a black and white painting.
On the other hand, the access to the showroom is from the inner yard. The facade of this building is characterized by a lightweight architectural “skin” made of electro-colored expanded metal with an horizontal pattern, that emphasizes its glittering daylight effects.

The strict combination of black and white on the main facade can also be found inside because of its double function: two different areas for the paints storage and for the lighting showroom  divided by movable and transparent partitions  underlined by the use of two colors. A curtain veils a double height black iron welded structure to store the paints; a curtain wall of glass panels separates the offices from the showroom, an elegant and lightweight white space, whose revolving and suspended panels display a sequence of colors and lights and allows to keep it flexible and changeable for the different use.
A theatrical contrast of tones and deep suggestions are the “leitmotif” of this space conceived as a “stage to perform light and colors experiments”.


Via dei Confini 228
Loc. Capalle
50013 Campi Bisenzio, Italia


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