Ala-Assoarchitetti Prize

Dedalo Minosse Prize

with arch. Leonardo Maria Proli

The winners of the eighth edition of the Dedalo Minosse Prize received their awards in the Sala degli Stucchi of Palazzo Trissino in Vicenza on Friday 24 June, before an audience of more than 250 people. By rewarding architectural works that have already been constructed, this unique event puts the emphasis on the client, a player that is often underestimated when we talk about architectural achievements and forget that high quality works can only originate from an exemplary collaboration between the promoter and the designer.
The official award ceremony was preceded by a Press Conference held in the morning of Friday 24 June at Palazzo Barbarano, the headquarters of CISA, Centro Internazionale Studi di Architettura Andrea Palladio, and by a round table, held on Thursday 23 June, in the beautiful setting of the Cava Laboratorio Morseletto, also in the province of Vicenza. The prize giving ceremony was followed by the inauguration of an exhibition displaying the winning project that was attended by over 500 people.

The only selection criterion in this vast scenario was the quality of the result, observed and assessed in relation to the overall project leading to the final result. Special attention was devoted to the issues of social and economic sustainability, Design for All, the use of natural light, a sustainable use of the territory and natural resources, the improvement and preservation of the environment, the landscape and the architectural heritage, the use of innovative technologies and materials, the enhancement of local traditions and languages.