Private Residence

Madrid, SPAIN - 2005

A cluster of small rooms and extensions on the top floor of a palace dating from the 1960’s in the centre of Madrid to the creation of a bright large unique space.
A penthouse that spells the rationalist alphabet of the building in contemporary style, extends it outwards and upwards toward the sky through large glass doors on the south-facing façade (with integral sliding blinds in stainless steel mesh) and a small secrete yard in the middle of the house.
The apartment was designed for a lady, a fifty

years-old, refined, funny, very well read and youthful lady, who lives in Bilbao and is a member of the Guggemheim Museum Management Committee.
Her main activity is connected to the world of fashion as she owns a series of boutiques, selling, among other designer names, a line of her
own creation.This 300 m2 apartment project, which is the lady’s base in Madrid, was entirely entrusted to the taste of Claudio Nardi, who not only took charge of the renovation work but also of the interior design and furnishings.

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La casa, come dimensione emoztiva e sentimentale, dove l’architettura si esprime attraverso I più piccoli dettagli, dove I differenti spazi interni e i materiali si combinano nel modo più equilibrato come abitudini, i ricordi, le esigenze e le relazioni personali.

La struttura è bellissima ed il lavoro fatto è bellissimo quindi è tutto bellissimo