20 FEBRUARY 2020 - 22 FEBRUARY 2020 


curated by Claudio Nardi

First EditiomFlorence

The Perception of Architecture is a project promoted by the Accademia delle Arti del Disegno Firenze and by the Fondazione Architetti Firenze, in collaboration with the Institut français Firenze, Fondazione Sistema Toscana, Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze.

Architecture is the context that welcomes, explains and conditions everything.
Architecture is the place that belongs to us as a daily theater of life, yet it escapes our attention, while places silently and deeply shape relationships and people. Architecture, more than any other art, defines, or rather, is our planet without our knowledge.

To start again to realize this, an immediate, emotional and instinctive learning tool can be useful: the Cinema, which, speaking obliquely of architecture, reactivates the awareness and perception of what has already been around us for a long time and in our daily life. The architect must therefore be author and screenwriter, tell stories that will and have been.

The Places of tales

The First Edition of the Festival will take place from 20 to 22 February 2020 and includes, in addition to the five film screening (ticket 5 €), a Speech The Architect’s Escape, by arch. Giorgio Scianca and arch. Marcella Gabbiani of Dedalo Minosse Cinema at the Institut français Florence and Dialogues on The Perception of Architecture and The Places of the tales at Cinema La Compagnia with many contributions.
In addition, a day will be partly dedicated to guided tours of cinema and architecture, a route that will cross the city of Florence to get to know the places and buildings featured in numerous films.

Full price film’s ticket 5 €.

"Separato magnetico"

At the same time as the event, “Separato magnetico” (name inspired by Bande à Part by Godard) will be screened, a didactic and cultural video collage, edited by Claudio Nardi in collaboration with Diaframma, which through a fast and instinctive separation of elements, places and film content (including Le Mepris and Mon oncle, in addition to those proposed in the review) will try to suggest a different way of reading the films, a sort of “video instructions for use” to perceive and “discover” the architecture that is in and around every story.

“Separato magnetico” will be visible through displays on monitors at the Palazzina Reale, at the Cinema La Compagnia and at the Institut français according to their respective opening hours and according to the dates shown in the program below.


Thursday 20/02/2020

@ Cinema La Compagnia

6.30 pm
Presentation of the Review The Places of the tales, followed by the film Columbus, Kogonada, USA, 2017 (Full price ticket 5 €, reduced 4 €)

9.30 pm
Film Io sono l’amore, Luca Guadagnino, Italy, 2009 (Full price ticket 5 €, reduced 4 €)

Friday 21/02/2020

@ Fondazione Architetti Firenze

3.00 pm
Guided tour of cinema and architecture through the city of Florence

@ Institut français Florence

6.30 pm
Speech The Architect’s Escape, by arch. Giorgio Scianca and arch. Marcella Gabbiani of Dedalo Minosse Cinema

Film Playtime, Jacques Tati, France, Italy, 1967 (Full price ticket 5 €, reduced to members 2,5 €)

Saturday 22/02/2020

@ Cinema La Compagnia

5.30 pm
Film El hombre de al lado, Mariane Cohl, Gastòn Duprat, Argentina, 2009 (Full price ticket 5 €, reduced 4 €)

7.30 pm
Dialogues on The Perception of Architecture and The Places of tales.

9.30 pm
Film Parasite, Bong Joon-Ho, Corea del Sud, 2019 (Full price ticket 5 €, reduced 4 €)


“Separato magnetico”

@Palazzina Reale from 13 February to 22 February

@Cinema La Compagnia from 20 February to 22 February

@Institut français Firenze from 20 February to 22 February

We thank the sponsors who contributed to the event:

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