Italian Life Style


Shanghai, CHINA - 2019

In the usual noisy, chaotic and cacophonic context of the fairs it is necessary to invent and define a world apart, powerful, elegant, simple and rich. An architecture that at the same time encloses and opens to observers, both inside and outside, a story full of history, beauty and images of Italian Style. The interior space is covered by a large and light architectural hat“, illuminated by emblematic images of culture, style and Italian product. Thus it becomes an intimate microcosm, made of sounds, smells,

atmospheres, completely separated from the remaining noisy and chaotic spaces of the fair.
At the base of the project is a free geometry of powerful septa, coated with large marble slabs, which recall the tradition of craftsmanship and material. These become not only background for further projections, but also give structural solidity to the upper level. The first floor is instead dedicated to service spaces, which include relaxation area, office and meeting room.

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