27 MARCH 2019 - 8.00 PMFortezza da Basso - Cavaniglia PavilionFLORENCE


Claudio Nardi speech during the event named "La Bellezza del Fare in Mostra".An exhibition coordinated by MEF

Electrotechnical Exhibition the biennial promoted and organized by MEF electrical equipment distribution, returns to the scene from 27 to 30 March 2019.

On the occasion of the four days, an initiative already organized last year in the premises of the Old Florentine Silk Factory will be repeated: “La bellezza del fare in mostra”. It is a network coordinated by MEF, to create a potential professional network (architects, engineers, designers) that together can generate new business opportunities, even an advantage of the city of Florence. During the Electrotechnical Exhibition, the event will be called “La bellezza del fare in Mostra”.

This initiative will host the Claudio Nardi’s speech : I LUOGHI INESISTENTI

Fortezza da Basso - Cavaniglia PavilionFLORENCE