New Town hall

competiton, 1st prize

Cracow, POLAND - work in progress

Between the two buildings, there is a large articulated public space, with gardens and natural light, where all the reception functions are located, as well as the links, parking facilities and shops, in a sort of urban inclusion oriented east to west, to follow the path of the sun. It is like a covered road that creates a setting for the different activities and serves to access the buildings, one of which faces north and is only 11 meters high, completely covered by a ventilated curtain wall in glass painted or silkscreen printed on the back in semitransparent white. The luminous surface reflects and channels the maximum amount of natural light, and at the same time acts as a backdrop for the imposing extension of the branches of the existing trees.

Glass is the main material visible on the entire extension of the façades, in a modulation of colorways that indicate a few key points, like the continuous transparency of the entire ground floor, that makes the two upper floors appear to be floating in the air, or the dark, almost black glass that accentuates the main vertical link, or the light, azure glints that illuminate the offices on the second floor.
Two arcades, set into the façade, each sheltering a small tree whose symbolically reference gives the modern, technological, abstract exterior of the building a familiar, domestic character, open and friendly to the citizens.

The other building, located on the south side, which reaches the full 20 meters admissible above ground, stands like a backdrop, set back from the road and capable of offering an immediate perception of the vastness of the complex and its articulation.
The sinuous shape of the building is designed around the existing trees, that almost seem to reach inside the common line of connection between the two blocks.

The building is entirely paneled on the outside with a ventilated curtain wall in electrically colored steel, with coppery, iridescent panels reminiscent of the glorious mass of a woman’s long hair.
This flickering surface is scattered, according to a variable, irregular geometry, with rectangular openings of various size that bathe the interiors in light, deep loggias that enclose a little tree or large semitransparent surfaces acting as brise-soleil for the suffused luminosity.

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