rendering view of science museum in Kracow

Malopolska Science Center MSC


Cracow, POLAND - 2017 with:Cspe Srl.Gabriele Anatrini

The Malopolska Science Center is made up of very articulated and distinct buildings integrated with each other. The dynamic shape is inspired by the futurist idea of ​​speed. For instance, the volumes are projected into the open space of the lot with a kinetic force. The buildings touch the ground, follow all cardinal directions, creating a multitude of views, and a web of connections with open spaces. The buildings are inspired by aerodynamics and nature, from which they borrow the colors, the variations of the sky and the seasons, for enviromental integration . Tour is dynamic and fluid: from the entrance you proceed up gently, until you reach the rooms of the first.

A nucleus of light between the exhibition buildings acts as an entrance and fulcrum, connecting the 6 levels and the functions of the entire complex. Everything overlooks or crosses the large underground square, like  ‘wadi’, a depression carved out by nature. It is a square, a pool of water on which the silhouettes of the buildings are reflected, developing special or daily actions, a little theater, a little garden. The office block has a neutral color, a gray that accompanies its operational functions and emphasizes the margin towards the north. The large green space, in which the complex is immersed, is soft and undulating, furrowed by tree-lined avenues and paths like an embrace to buildings.

centro della scienza progetto organico inserito nel paesaggio invernale polacco