Bridge of Love

Temporary installation

Florence, ITALY - 2016

Beauty that is ethereal but yet tangible, emotional and habitable, both to one’s touch and one’s sight. White clouds lying on the waters’ surface, traversed by mist and perfume, by the light of early dawn until the sunset, caressed by breezes and sounds. Throughout the history of the city, the river has been everything, and now it is a Non-Place that, for the first time hosts an emerging life, becoming a Place to stay, an experience of a new and surprising view of the city, its very heart. It becomes again the centre, the main character, observed through its transparent walls alternating between being the stage and the audience at the same time.

The idea of the floating pavilions comes from the historically established tradition that has been lost in the passage of time – one of floating pontoons on the river hosting small cafés. Those small lounges, rooms even, made the river a vivid element of the social life of the city. Our intent was to bring back to this tradition and to propose the river once again a part of the city. The temporary installation was part of the events organized for the Pitti fashion week in 2016. A palace of nine pavilions connected by passages and narrow bridges, nine floating living rooms, positioned, like white, transparent, theatrical boxes, floating on the surface of the river, scene of a magical candlelight dinner, and, during the following days, many different events and exhibitions.

La bellezza è un traguardo semplice da raggiungere, anzi direi logico e naturale.


Lungarno Serristori
50125 Firenze

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The Bridge of Love

“Bridge of Love”, a graceful set-up of floating rooms with its nine pavilions on the Arno River for the 13th edition of Firenze4Ever, forms a unique and ephimeral place where on June, 13th 2016 would be organised a magical dinner with candlelight and on the following four days would be organised other events. A unique show of river, water, air, the project by Claudio Nardi Architects for Luisa Via Roma.

LUISAVIAROMA presents The Bridge of Love

The conceptual installation, conceived and designed by architect Claudio Nardi, aims to raise public awareness for the refugee crisis.
The Bridge of Love was inaugurated 13 June 2016 with a charity gala dinner and the exclusive Underwater Love Party. All proceeds from the gala dinner will go to the UNHCR, in particular the Lifeline Jordan initiative.

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