boutique luisa via roma restayling vista dall'alto

Luisa Via Roma

concept store

Florence, ITALY - 2019

On the 90th anniversary of Boutique Luisa Via Roma, Claudio Nardi intervened with a transformation of the boutique in the wake of “Good Vibrations”.
The new scene is based on vibrations and on theme of black and white, absolute, abstract, a symphony of geometric and harmonious textures. Pressing and hypnotic textures are crossed by golden flashes, solid surfaces and transparent surfaces that cross in a dance like an urban walk

Architectural elements, decorations and materials become graphic elements that dress the space. The rug becomes a designed floor, the arches become ethereal and transparent backdrops of an imaginary theater. Everything is inspired by the decorations of the 20th century architecture, art and craftsmanship tradition. This elements intertwine in a kaleidoscopic space, in a subtle tribute to Carlo Scarpa and Giò Ponti and to the great masters of modern architecture.

boutique luisa via roma espositori scarpe
boutique luisa via roma ambiente luminoso stender con abiti
boutique luisa via roma abiti moquette
boutique luisa via roma sedie platner sullo sfondo esposizine di borse
boutique luisa via roma panoramica del negozio
boutique luisa via roma piccolo ambiente di esposizione scarpe e abbigliamento
boutique luisa via roma abbigliamento maschile
boutique luisa via roma esposizione abbigliamento uomo
boutique luisa via roma
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