Atil Kutoglu


Istanbul, TURKEY - 2009

Atil Kutoglu is a well known fashion designer who decided to settle his headquarter in Wien for a long time, and this creates a stir. “Atil Kutoglu” boutique in Istanbul could not help telling the story of the contamination between two worlds, East and West, Asia and Europe. The lightweight restyling of this space creates a bright and contemporary atmosphere with its modern and sophisticated pieces of furniture inspired by the international style, but, at the same time, combined with those elements and decorations belonging to the Ottoman culture or recalling its opulent and misterious fashination.The first room with its shop window overlooking the street is characterized by a

ceiling decoration reproducing the pattern of an ancient ottoman carpet exhibited in a museum in town. This “carpet” unnaturally revolved upside down can be seen from the street and leads the visitor from the outside to the inside of the shop and its different spaces. An imposing huge white cylinder conceived like a precious case floats from the ceiling of the second white room: its pure and very modern shape discloses an interior polished brass coating embracing a brightful sphere lamp made of real feathers, the ultimate symbol of a fusion between a minimal design and the deep conceptual essence of the Eastern tradition.


Bostan Sok. 9/2 Sisli,
Istanbul, Turkey

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