The studio approaches every project with an attentiveness simultaneously emotional and rational, varying in scale and fields: industrial design, interior design, architecture, urban design, a contemporary vision combining the big picture with the minute detail.

Transformation is the fundamental design theme, of the dialogue between tradition and innovation, between form and function, between “product” and communication. Every project is born unique, from a synthesis between the expressive potential of a location, its’ function and the sensibility of the clients, only then it takes form through the sculptural combination of weightless surfaces and rough raw materials, of solid mass and abstract voids, of light and darkness. This language finds its‘ roots in Florence, in Renaissance Humanism, in the knowledge of artisans, in the Mediterranean culture and Italian rationalism, ideas to integrate every time with new words, deviated from their function, technologies and materials from time and to the rediscovery of places and cultures of the past.

Along this voyage, large scale architecture, minimal spaces intimate and domestic, those for retail, hospitality or for art, are always subject to the same attention and care, passion and the search for beauty, in a continuous exchange of knowledge and understanding.

Of some of the noted projects both private and public works in Italy and around the world are: Mu.Ca Naval Museum in Monfalcone, the new building for the Krakow Municipal Council, the Mocak Krakow(Museum of Contemporary Art in the Oscar Schindler building), the headquarters for the Mandragora publishing company Florence, The residential complex in the ex Fiat industrial area Novoli, the Carrara Port Authority building, The Vertex Tower and office building in Amman, besides many private residences in Italy, New York, Paris, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Tel Aviv and Madrid. Numerous are the projects for the fashion industry for designers such as Dolce e Gabbana, Ferrè, Valentino, Extè, Malo, Gente Roma, and Luisa Via Roma a Firenze.


The studio deals with public and private architecture projects both in Italy and abroad. His design activity extends into various sectors: industrial design, interior design, architecture and urban design. Each project is characterized by a deep attention to detail and the use of innovative materials and technologies, with constant respect for the place and traditions.









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