ampliamento sede oms ginevra


Ginevra, SVIZZERA - 2014

The existing building of the WHO headquarters has a strong mass, consistent but at the same time light. The existing building becomes the matrix for the entire new complex.
The vibrant surface of the white marble brise-soleil cladding is inspired by the regular, modern design of the façade of the adjacent building. From the abstract surface emerge several volumes, covered with slabs of the same white marble, extruded at varying depths and projected towards the garden inside the complex.

The building rests on an equipped plate, consisting of levels -1 and -2, covered with terraces and hanging gardens that visually merge with the surrounding garden. The plate is destined for common functions and reception, with a functional connection, at -1 level, with the existing building.
Large courtyards allow the overlooking of the common functions, such as auditorium, cafeteria, restaurant, hall and exhibition space.

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