Torre Milad

concorso su invito

Tehran, IRAN - 2011

The project area has a very complex and irregular shape and an intense urbanisation is foreseen, in terms of new functions and new volumes.
We have imagined the creation of a sign that crosses the area for its entire extension and manages to visually and truly connect the various functions and forms of architecture.
The angular and broken shape of this line adds a dynamic element to the articulation of the new architectural complex and underlines, at the same time, the creation of a strong basement of 5 floors. The basement runs through the whole area and houses the functions the hotel, the shopping centre and the public areas of the World Trade Centre.

From the ‘basement’ rise the 13-storey hotel towers to the north, designed as light architecture. They have an energy-efficient double glazed skin, decorated like a modern “musharabia”. It becomes a continuous interplay of textures, transparencies and opacities, in close relationship with the various functions it houses inside.
Towards the south, the WTC towers are developed on 20 additional floors, designed with a combination of materials. The cladding is made of glass, transparent, marked by vertical lines, in white lacquered back glass and/or silk-screened. At the windows, on the other hand, we have shielded glass with burnished copper metal mesh.

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