Redesign of Matteotti square

competition, 1st Prize

Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, ITALY - 1997
witharch. Leonardo Proli

The intervention in question is a new large square constituted at an intermediate level with respect to two strongly staggered and subdivided sectors, due to the difference in height and destination. The space is presented with the upper part destined for a square and a car park in the lower part. The changes in height will be integrated with the new, more balanced functional layout that will make the square a centre for public and commercial activities. Public services will be located directly on the link: offices, banks, library, tourist office, shops, cinema. These services will revitalise the public space. This solution is the interpretative key of the project: it will allow an easy connection between the areas of the square and a complete perception of the space,

a perception of the size of the square, which is currently denied.
On the lower side there is a portico which forms a scenic backdrop at right angles to the square, corresponding to the difference in level between the part overlooked by the club and the rest of the square. This structure, made of oxidised copper with the intrados of the ceiling made of white vaults, as if suspended, lit from below, is proposed as a strong symbol characterising the space of the square.
The project includes the construction of an underground car park accessed from the lowest part of the square, thus maintaining the possibility of parking cars and at the same time freeing up the square and giving it back to the citizens as a place to meet and socialise.

In order to provide shelter, shade and a reference point, holm oaks and olive trees, typical essences of these areas that represent them well. Two double rows of trees are inserted inside the square to provide a green area and shade in summer. The walls bordering the slope of the square to the west will be covered with fragrant, evergreen hedges. Hedges and a row of trees are planned to screen the inserted parking spaces.
The seating is designed with a variety of themes.

and positions are an integral part of the architectural design, becoming a chromatic and design enrichment, a choral boundary element or a punctual and sculptural one. The public lighting project has been particularly careful to underline the themes already introduced in the architecture, enhancing its contents. The facades of the buildings and the interior of the porticoes will be directly illuminated according to the intensity of the relief on the surrounding scene, which will thus be illuminated by reflected light as if from a theatrical backdrop.

Ridefinizione di Piazza Matteotti

Piazza Matteotti
50028 Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, Italia

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