Museum of shipbuilding

competition, 1st prize

Monfalcone, ITALY- 2017
withSINTESI / HUBarch. Michele PolettoEngineerig study Paolo Berini

A place that lives in the memory of an important building ,placed in an extended contest, studied, to welcome new visitors, an excursus on the shipyard and sociological side that this activity has created and still creates on the field. This will be the Museum of Shipbuilding, a place where the visitor will be involved in an emotional , perceptive and auditive way. A light intervention in the most representative sides of the Ex Albergo Operai, but more accurated on the other sides,

with colors and light effects; just three colors red, white and black and one material, corten as a reminder of the sheets of shipbuildings. At the same time a complex action in an already defined space, an intervention made by several “gestures” that interface with the preexistence. A place available to everyone and studied for all.

un luogo dove il visitatore sarà coinvolto in maniera emozionale, percettiva, uditiva

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