Maison de la Paix


Geneva, SWITZERLAND - 2002

The project consists of the construction of the Maison de la Paix. The destination of the future building requires a representative architecture with a quality, functional and elegant finish. It is defined by marked horizontal lines and vertical signs of rationalist inspiration, which give the building an austere but reassuring profile. The image proposed is that of a positive building: light colours, transparencies, reflections, water, which together form a dynamic construction that integrates into its context. The building is characterised by a pure and essential volume in its contours and lines, with large alternating windows that give lightness and vitality to the construction.

Maison de la paix is designed as bio-architecture and uses environmentally friendly and recyclable elements that guarantee sustainability, the ability to resist damage from environmental agents over time, and reliability. The project provides efficient plant solutions with low environmental impact. The use of sustainable materials and installations reduces energy losses and reduces pollutant emissions. Water contributes to the cooling and ionisation of the air, as it flows down from the roof to the façade, further improving climatic comfort.

Beauty is an easy goal to achieve, in fact I would say logical and natural.

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